“A faithful friend is a strong defence”

(SIRACH 6.15)

We love to see our clients prosper

Artemon is an international company with headquarters in the European Union, Montenegro, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has been operating successfully at the global level for 14 years and has over 2,000 satisfied business partners.
The purpose of the global Artemon brand is to help companies, families and individuals to progress in life, in business, and financially, as well as to grow personally and spiritually.
Artemon meets the needs of legal entities and individuals in starting, running, improving and global expansion of business by providing highly professional bookkeeping, legal, economic-financial, managerial, consulting and other business services.
For us, each client is unique, and we dedicate all our focus to each of them, we make our top experts available to them, we work with them with complete discretion, we identify their needs, analyze them, ask key questions, and when we get answers, we fulfil their requests by providing optimal solutions. In this way, we significantly improve the client’s business, free up their time, and reduce stress, thus raising their quality of life to a higher level. This also gives our clients the opportunity and encouragement to dedicate themselves to their personal and spiritual growth.
our services

Top services provided by Artemon to legal entities (entrepreneurs, companies, international companies, funds, institutions, organizations, NGOs…) and individuals (professionals, property and capital owners, Family Offices) are:

  1. Flexible delivery of bookkeeping, accounts, management reporting and tax services to local and international standards, keeping you compliant

  2. Our expertise in corporate secretarial, regulatory compliance and fiduciary services can help you manage and maintain entities across borders

  3. We simplify global payroll operations and HR transformation with fully managed and standardised payroll processing alongside HR admin support

  1. We simplify global payroll operations and HR transformation with fully managed and standardised payroll processing alongside HR admin support

  2. One of the largest independent administrators of structured finance entities in the world, with teams in all key onshore and offshore locations

  3. Our services for private clients and their extended families cover all requirements, from complex cross-border assets to succession planning

we help you thrive

Artemon handles all the challenges of your business in the field of bookkeeping, legal, economic-financial and managerial activities.

Enables the improvement of lifestyle and quality of life, personal and business satisfaction

We are comprised of experts with extensive experience, a global portfolio and reputable education

Provides total client dedication, personalized service, with possible scheduled meetings, 1-on-1 discussions, with complete discretion and comfort

Artemon provides: availability, quality, unique and affordable, moderate price range.

special services

In cooperation with established global partners, Artemon also provides the following services:

Our team

This is us

Nada Babović

Founder and CEO

Tanja Magud

Financial and legal business coordinator

Dragana Joksimović

Retail and clients services manager

Danilo Vuković

Retail and clients services coordinator

Milena Petričević

Accounting specialist

Saša Babović

Lawyer- consultant

Aleksandra Ćetković

Accounting specialist

Bojana Puzić

Retail and clients services specialist

Snežana Rajković

Accounting specialist

Enesa Taušan

Accounting specialist

Nataša Prelević

Accounting specialist

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